Hotel Moldova

We have redesigned Hotel Moldova focusing on a mixture of contemporary and intuitive interior design. Our aim was to create a sophisticated yet warm and inviting atmosphere and provide a consistency that smoothly pulls together the different spaces – bedrooms and suites, restaurant, café, conference rooms, gym, SPA and pool facilities.
We have reconfigured the entire ground floor and basement and redesigned the façade and the entire interior design with the purpose of obtaining comfort, elegance and intime atmosphere.
To make it a genuine urban hub that gathers cosmopolitans under the same roof, we have added huge glazed windows on the ground floor and brought the space to life by incorporating beautiful patterns of vegetation and symbolic compositions.

Technical Data
  • Project type
  • Status
    In progress
  • Year of completion
  • Dimension
    8000 sqm
  • Team
    Daniel Nicolae Popescu, Irina Stinghe, Adela Voinea, Oana Gîtlan, Ștefan Căplescu
  • Collaborators
    Hotel Equip, Popp&Asociații, MC General Construct