Hotel Caro

Caro hotel is an entire complex with industrial past which consists in various buildings added since the interwar period.
Being a conversion of many factories, the interior design took into account the history of the place by using as defining elements the brick and the industrial style. These are harmoniously combined with contemporary elements and up to date technologies resulting in a modern and warm atmosphere in the same time.
The industrial design is completed through the use of traditional romanian motifs and carefully studies lightning scenarios with the purpose of offering comfort and intimacy to every client.

Technical Data
  • Project type
  • Status
    In progress
  • Year of completion
  • Dimension
    3000 sqm
  • Team
    Daniel Nicolae Popescu, Adela Voinea, Oana Gîtlan, Ștefan Căplescu, Irina Stinghe, Andra Jugănaru
  • Collaborators
    ClassIn, Gineta Design