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The whole project was meant to provide an intimate environment in a densely populated area relying on energy and resource efficient eco-design. The five houses share a private road, a courtyard that is divided into smaller units, an indoor swimming pool and a wonderful SPA area. This creates a unique mix of public, semi-public and private spaces that beautifully enhance dwellers’ sense of community and closeness to nature.
We took great care to keep the same level of intimacy inside the houses and paid attention to the smallest details of decoration. We even used Romanian traditional motifs in the interior design and mixed up different patterns and materials to create stunning, balanced interiors.
In order to make our clients’ lives even more amazing, we positioned the houses according to cardinal directions. You can enjoy the sunrise while drinking your morning coffee in the living room and watch stunning sunsets right from your window when you get back to the bedroom in the evening.

Technical Data
  • Project type
    Individual Housing
  • Status
  • Year of completion
  • Dimension
    1785 sqm
  • Team
    Daniel Nicolae Popescu, Irina Stinghe, Andreea Stoenescu, Anca Drăgăniță
  • Collaborators
    Sevacon Impex, Provisco, Mid Install, Grădina lui Emil, Luce Domotica, Proinstal Grup, Multigalaxi, Detail Design, Eurofatade