Architecture Factory is that special place where exquisite projects come to life through innovative solutions. As a bunch of passionate professionals who live and breathe architecture and interior design, we are determined to do what is best and suitable for our clients’ needs.

Everything we build is the result of our skills and experience in delivering the full spectrum of services across every project stage. That's what we call holistic approach which also reflects in the non-invasive impact our buildings have on the environment.

We choose to always go that one step further to prove that architecture is nothing but an endless series of details able to maximise the potential of your site and the entire neighbourhood.
Sincerity, professionalism, creativity and successful project management are just a few final words we can use to describe who we really are at Architecture Factory.

What gets us out of bed in the morning…

Beauty. It’s that simple. We see it everywhere we go. We find it in the first song we listen to in the morning,  in every cup of coffee we drink during the day and in every piece of paper (or screen!) we use to sketch out our infinite series of ideas.

Beauty unlocks the passion in us, and passion, in its turn, drives us to pursue excellence in all aspects of our projects. A good challenge, though not always apparent, is just as inspiring as beauty.
We are not driven by money, and fame is far from being our motivation either. Our values are simple and run through all areas of our company: passion, dedication and responsibility for what we do.


Daniel Nicolae Popescu
Founder, CEO & Senior Architect
Always on the move, Daniel is a passionate architect and CEO that values freedom and creativity above everything else.
Motivated by.. people.
Cătălina Popescu
Truly ambitious and strong-willed, Catalina has 18 years’ experience in project management and an effortless ability to manage her time. She prizes honesty and integrity above all else.
Motivated by.. people and a friendly atmosphere.
Irina Stinghe
Senior Architect
Irina moves gracefully through her surroundings embracing playfulness and creativity. She is secretly a “ballerina” and would never ever give up her freedom.
Motivated by.. challenging projects.
Adela Voinea
Senior Architect
The perpetuum mobile of our team, Adela is a perfectionist endowed with unyielding discipline and love for activity.
Motivated by.. challenging projects and solving tough problems.
Ștefania Simu
Senior Architect
We probably owe Ștefania for most of our in-jokes. She has plenty of joie de vivre and she’s passionate, determined and dedicated to whatever she’s doing.
Motivated by.. a healthy curiosity and communication.
Ana-Maria Fotău-Cojocaru
Junior Architect
Both active and pro-active, Ana is probably the most reliable and caring person we have ever met.
Motivated by.. people.
Alina Măldărescu
Junior Architect
This confident and strong-willed member of our team has a strong sense of responsibility and values honesty above all else.
Motivated by.. project diversity.
Theodora Radu
Junior Architect
Responsabile and attentive to details, Theo likes unique projects and working in a team.
Motivated by.. the possibility to always learn new things.



We deliver architectural solutions with care and understanding. Details are important to us, and here’s where our creativity and technical expertise come in really handy. Our architecture is responsive and responsible as we approach every project as a collaborative effort, taking into account both social and environmental factors. With a portfolio that embraces all kind of projects, residential, commercial or mixed use across both private and public sectors, we challenge ourselves to constantly deliver only distinctive, high-quality buidlings.

Interior Design

At Architecture Factory we believe that great interior design is about spaces that are beautiful, stylish and functional in equal measure. We carefully listen to our clients, seek right, elegant solutions to their needs and add high value through impeccable creative design. Through bespoke interventions, by taking a meticulous approach to all the aspects of the process, we try to get the most out of every project. There’s nothing more rewarding for us than seeing spaces come to life and clients call it home.

Landscape Design

We don’t have a standard recipe for our landscape design projects. We adjust our skills and creative boundaries depending on the project – usually, the site and the environment dictate the solutions. We use a mixture of sinuous curves and perfectly straight lines to create shapes that form an incredibly harmonious and balanced composition, which we always endow with lush green vegetation all year round. Distributed carefully around the area, the plants are meant to offer different levels of intimacy and exposure.