Cernica Landscape Design

Cernica project was all about making the most of this gentle slope that leads down toward the lake.
We’ve expanded the existing forest and created a beautiful mixture of natural vegetation and carefully selected plants that surround the two houses and bloom all year long.
There’s a touch of beauty in every single season, with different textures, colours and flavours that are a delight year-round.
Right where the trails end at the lake, there’s a wooden gazebo and an outdoor fireplace with a large sitting place.

Technical Data
  • Project type
    Landscape Design
  • Status
    In progress
  • Year of completion
  • Dimension
    8978 sqm
  • Team
    Daniel Nicolae Popescu, Irina Stinghe, Adela Voinea, Andra Jugănaru, Ștefan Căplescu
  • Collaborators
    Grădina lui Emil