M House

We took over an existing project and transformed it beyond recognition. We’ve refreshed the facades, extended the second floor, and built a glass extension that has proved to be a fantastic addition to the home. We have paid attention to the tiniest details and made each room of the house entirely unique – simple yet elegant to suit the homeowners’ style. To bring warmth into the home, rich wood has been paired with natural stone, metals and neutral coloured brick.

Technical Data
  • Project type
    Individual House
  • Status
    In progress
  • Year of completion
  • Dimension
    633 sqm
  • Team
    Daniel Nicolae Popescu, Adela Voinea, Irina Stinghe, Ștefan Căplescu, Andra Jugănaru, George Suru
  • Collaborators
    Structural Engineering and Technology, Imep Systems, MC General Construct, Luce Domotica